I see myself at the age of 60+ that I can still able to play with kids, run around and do most of the things I love to do. For sure most of you would like the same thing.

Who Are You:

My name is Djundi Biñas and welcome to my website. Here is a short description of me and the things you might be interested investing your precious time with me.

DJUNDI BIÑAS (TrainWithDjundi):  Fitness & sports professional from Philippines. A former member of the national team – athletics (Pole Vault), sports coach, educator, fitness & wellness coach for personal and corporate clients. Loves outdoor activities, travel, food, arts and photography.

Current Location:

Cebu City, Philippines

Why TrainWithDjundi:

It’s like do it with Djundi or learn with Djundi or travel and eat with Djundi. I really love the process of learning. Learning from other people, learning from experiences in life and continuing the process – striving to get better in all areas in our life.

I’m Not An Expert

I’m not an expert nor claiming to be one. I’m very passionate on what I do and luckily have the privilege to travel in many places to learn new things and and share what I already know. That makes me happy.

My pure intention is to help many people to be more active, train smarter, nourish their bodies and live a healthier life. I also share some other topics regarding how things done right in my opinion, my travel and other experiences. Through this website and other platforms online, I can share many things that may help them improve their lifestyle.

And just to make of it.

I am Not an Actor or a Commercial Model (but I did some)

Milo Marathon 2010 Ad